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Aga Ellesmere 4 Defra


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Aga Ellesmere 4 Defra

AGA Ellesmere 4 Stove

AGA Ellesmere 4 Stove is the latest design from AGA Stoves new AGA Ellesmere range. The AGA Ellesemere 4 has a 4.1 kW nominal heat output to room which is ideal for heating most rooms where a heat out put is required of less than 5kw. The Ellesmere 4 Multi-fuel stove is suitable for burning both wood and solid fuel in smoke exempt areas. 


AGA Ellesmere 4 Stove features


The AGA Ellesmere stove is steel constructed giving a clean cut modern look with a cast iron door for excellent heat emitting properties carrying heat out into the room.


The Ellemere 4 has a an Active Airflow System which means you get a cleaner burn keeping the stove glass cleaner for longer. The primary and secondary air can both be controlled by one simple air control on the front of the stove making the Ellesmere highly user friendly. 

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